In a Pinch provides care for a variety of needs or situations. Whether you need a babysitter for a few hours or a few months, we can help.

If you've ever needed a break from it all, our babysitters can offer temporary relief. Whether it's a for a few hours during the day or a late night out, we can provide reliable help on a moment's notice.

Every family needs a back-up childcare plan. When your nanny is on vacation or you're unexpectedly called out of town, we can help. For working parents, life becomes especially difficult when the nanny quits, the baby cannot adjust to the day care center or the toddler has frequent ear infections. Whenever you're facing an emergency childcare need, you want someone who can respond quickly. Let us be your safety net.

We also understand that sick childcare requires more sensitivity and training than typical babysitting. When you select someone to provide sick childcare, remember that our caregivers are trained and experienced in providing compassionate and reliable care.

Contact us today to prepare for the unexpected.