Caregiver Toronto

  • Always take down the caregiver's cell phone number and keep it with you when you are out.

  • Let the caregiver know where you will be and how you can be reached.

  • If you are not reachable, make sure to provide a name and number of friend of relative to call in case of emergency.

  • Make sure that your complete address and phone number is posted in a prominent place near the telephone.

  • Include information as to how to reach the police, fire department and poison control.

  • Make the caregiver aware of any allergies, special needs, household rules/practices or special instructions to optimize the experience of the caregiver with your child/children.

  • Keep a key available in case the caregiver wishes to take the children for a walk or to the park.

  • Explain your child's daily routine to your new caregiver and try to keep this routine unchanged.

  • Make the transition easier for your child by having your caregiver come early so your child can have a chance to meet and play with her before you leave.