Child Care Services Toronto
Temporary Child Care Services Toronto

"Thanks to In a Pinch again. Don't know what I would do without your service, it's been wonderful dealing with you."...Geetha Glover

"I am writing to thank In a Pinch and your staff for their excellent help in providing child care to my daughter Emma who was off sick from daycare with pneumonia. It made all the difference as both my husband and I work, and really needed the help!" ...Anne E. B. Rose

"Robyn Zeldin and In a pinch have saved my life too many times to count. I cannot recommend her business highly enough. Leaving the most precious person in my life with one of her employees is like leaving her with a family member." ...Rebecca Eckler

"We called In a Pinch one morning in an emergency when my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor and needed immediate bedside care. In a Pinch sent someone down within the hour, not only were they prompt, but the caregiver was always pleasant, gentle, and compassionate. She tended to my fathers every need in his last moments of life. We thank them very much for their service and for their caring." ...Ruby Silvertown

"In a Pinch has sent me the best baby sitters every time I call. We have had five different people from their company and each of them have been friendly, professional and very safe with our children. We cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone in need of a night out!" ...Lesley Andrews

"My mother had to have abdominal emergency surgery and we needed around the clock help. We called In a Pinch and they had someone there immediately. They were able to provide 24 hour care and also care around the clock on the weekends. My mother felt that each person was highly qualified and extremely compassionate. It is good to know that there is someone to call when something like this happens when you need immediate care and support." ...Tom Anderson

"We called In a Pinch for housekeeping services. We rely on them every week to make sure that our house in clean and tidy and well maintained. Their staff have been very efficient, extremely qualified, and reliable." ...Sally Hutchons

"When I was moving in to my new house I needed someone to help me pack, unpack, and clean my new house before I put everything away. They sent me two efficient and reliable people who were able to make sure that this stressful time was not as hectic as it could have been." ...Ruthy Tanenbaum