The Value of In A Pinch School & Daycare Back Up Care

Parents are relying upon daycare centres now more than ever to look after their children, according to Statistics Canada. In fact, between 1994 and 2001, the proportion of children between the ages of six months to five years increased from 42% to 53%. That number continues to climb. This rise in rates occurred for children from almost all backgrounds, regardless of geographic location, household income, family structure, parental employment status or parental place of birth.

On average children spend approximately thirty hours per week in their care arrangements. With more than half of Canadian children living in two-income families, parents are often in conflict about what to do when their child is sick or their daycare or school is closed. Many do not have alternative child care options readily available to them on a moments notice.

So what can be done to ensure that your school community has options when the daily routine is interrupted? The answer is simple. With In a Pinch's School & Daycare service, parents will have access to qualified, dependable babysitters who can be at the home on short notice.

How In A Pinch School & Daycare Program Works: Incentive Structure

To become an In a Pinch school or daycare member simply register with In a Pinch, for free. Once you have registered, your school or daycare is on its way to receiving monetary incentives to enhance and enrich your facility and operations.

All we ask of your school is promotion of our services to your entire school community. In a Pinch is happy to work together to establish promotion fits the scope of your school's communication with parents.

In promoting our services to your community, you can be ensured that you will reap the full benefit of your relationship with In a Pinch.

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