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The Value of In A Pinch Corporate Sponsored Back Up Care
Statistics Canada estimates that families with preschool-aged children exert a strong influence on work absences for personal or family responsibilities. In 2007, full-time employees in families with at least one preschool-aged child lost an average of 5.8 days, compared with only 1.6 for those in families without children. This average continues to increase. (Statistics Canada, Work Absence Rates, 2007) Inevitably, this translates into tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars lost. Undoubtedly, unscheduled employee absences are a serious problem. So what can be done to ensure that your company's absenteeism is reduced, productivity and profitability increased and how can your company attract and retain better employees? Forward thinking companies understand that the answer is simple. In a Pinch Corporate Back up Care.

Back up child care as a benefit to your employees
There can be no question that companies which offer back up child care give their employees tremendous peace of mind and reduce the stress and anxiety that accompany a last minute care issue. In a Pinch recognizes that providing back up child care serves to not only to increase employee commitment and productivity, but also positively impacts morale and employee attendance. A company with the benefit of back up child care also enjoys a higher rate of employee retention and job satisfaction. With In a Pinch's Corporate service, working parents will have access to qualified, dependable babysitters who can be at the home on short notice.

There are many reasons parents need back up childcare:

  • Child is mildly sick
  • School vacation, professional development day, unexpected school closure
  • Established child care provider/nanny is out sick or on vacation
  • Parents working overtime or on weekends
  • Parents are sick or recuperating and unable to care for children

In the multitude of other unexpected work/life conflicts, In a Pinch Corporate service guarantees an experienced, enthusiastic babysitter can be at a family's home in just a short time. Every family needs a back-up plan, and In a Pinch is proud to ease your employee's family worries.

Back up eldercare as a benefit to your employees
It is clear that as our society ages, many of employees will be asked to juggle caring for a family member and work. Each day can present a new challenge when it comes to ensuring that the needs of our aging relatives are tended to. Companies that provide temporary eldercare benefits increase productivity, and enhance recruitment efforts and employee retention. In a Pinch provides a variety of eldercare services, from in-home care to around the clock care in a hospital or care facility by a personal support worker or health care aid. These services allow employees to keep their minds at work.

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