Temporary Child Care Toronto
Temporary Child Care Toronto

Robyn Zeldin is the founder and owner of Wee Care Placement Agency and In a Pinch temporary care solutions. Robyn is the mother of 2 young, vivacious boys and knows first hand how hard it can be to find good help. She founded Wee Care while on maternity leave with her first son, Cole, while she was looking for a caregiver to help give her some relief. Before founding Wee Care, Robyn taught various programs for toddlers and preschoolers, and really understands their wants and needs. The combination of mother and teacher makes her so well suited to run a company dedicated to finding quality care!

In a Pinch was born out of a call for reliable, short term care solutions. Our services meet the needs that arise from a variety of situations.

Its sister agency, Wee Care Placement, was established in 1996 to help find full time caregivers for families. As the years went on we realized how many people were looking for temporary babysitting, cleaning, and short term care on a day to day basis. Thus, In a Pinch was created. It was fully established with its own identity in 2002, and has grown ever since.

We cannot believe the demand we get each week, for people looking for a babysitter or a quick fix due to their child being sick and not being able to attend daycare. The expanding need for caregivers to look after elderly has also risen and has become a huge part of In a Pinch.

Whatever the situation is, In a Pinch dedicates its time to find the most suitable person for your needs.